"Our bodies are the temple of the
Holy Spirit"


The community offers many programs which the elementary student may become involved in to promote a Christian witness.  LWCS offers beginning programs in basketball, soccer, and baseball/softball.  Not all areas have team activities but are more intramural.

Middle School

The middle school students may participate in their local community or school district sports leagues until 8th grade.  In the Christian leagues, grades 7-8 may participate with high school students.  However, in PIAA teams, students must be in grades 9-12 to participate at the high school level.

High School

LWCS is a PIAA member. Sports at the high school level are PIAA sanctioned.  As such, we compete with A-level schools in District X.  We have a sports co-op with Greenville S.D. for tennis, football, wrestling, and boys and girls track.  LWCS has it own basketball and baseball teams.  Girl's volleyball and basketball are dependent upon available participation.  Cheer squads are also part of the LWCS sports venue.
We also have an equestrian program in place when an arena becomes available for use.  At present, we are looking to pursue this interest.